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Meet the SimpleSMS Team.

About SimpleSMS

Our Philosophy

We have been offering professional SMS and mobile services since 2007, making sure to work very closely with our clients along the way. You’re the ones using our products every day, after all. And who knows what you really need better than yourself!

Our years of work have resulted in user-friendly, future-oriented products with a wide variety of features. But even though our solutions are fully developed, we still work continuously to expand and change them to meet any special requirements our clients may have. That’s because above all, we love a good challenge. So, if there’s anything you miss, feel free to talk to us. We’ll make anything possible in order to improve your communication with your target group and help increase your sales.

By the way: We know that your work keeps you fully stretched. So of course, our Support Team is happy to assist you at any time. That means you won’t have to waste precious hours doing something we can easily take care of for you. On top of that, we’ll provide you with regular tips on how you can improve your SMS marketing and become even more successful!

Our Team

Tudi Dinu


Managing Director

From 2007 to 2008, Tudi worked in our sales department before moving on to a management position at a well-known Austrian company. In 2016, he returned to SimpleSMS and was extremely successful in leading our Business Sales Team. He became the Managing Director in 2019.

Some of his most prominent characteristics would be his humor, kindness and determination. He always makes an effort to support others (especially those in vulnerable positions) and never loses his calm.

In his free time, he likes to travel and relax on the beach.

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Phone: +43 7242 252 080-20


Anna Fellner B.Ed.

Executive Assistant

Anna joined the SimpleSMS Team in October 2019. Before, she used to work as a teacher, which comes as a huge advantage here. That’s because she’s adopted a very creative and solution-oriented way of thinking and is able to intuitively respond to the needs of her fellow human beings.

Anna continuously strives to expand her knowledge and currently spends her free time studying Russian.

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Phone: +43 7242 252 080-20

Birgit Pohlmüller

Back Office / Customer Support

Birgit started working for SimpleSMS in 2018 and has been one of our most reliable, upbeat colleagues ever since. Her drive to learn coupled with her ambitious and cheerful nature prove time and again: If Birgit didn’t exist, you wouldn’t believe someone like her was possible.

Birgit loves to spend her free time with her family.


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Telefon: +43 7242 252 080-21


Christoph Nestinger

Sales Director

Christoph joined the SimpleSMS Sales Team in March 2010. At work, he is completely in his element and makes sure that our customer base continues to grow and is always looked after.

In his private life, Christoph’s family is his top priority. His favorite way to relax is to take long rides with his customized bobber.

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Phone: +43 676 617 91 87

Christoph Nestinger
Rainer Königseder

Rainer Königseder

Business Sales

Rainer has been supporting us in the Business Sales Team since 2018. His friendly nature and professional attitude have made him an enormously important team member in who has gained the complete trust of our customers.

In his free time, Rainer enjoys to spend his time wakesurfing.

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Phone: +43 664 34 70 967

Gabor Szabo

Key Account

Gabor joined our Key Account Management Team in June 2020. He has both national and international experience in key account management with customers from over 30 countries.

For Gabor, creativity, problem solving and achieving goals are not just words, but a way of life. He is known for his friendly nature and eagerness to help wherever he can.

In his personal life, family and sports are what’s most important to Gabor.

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Phone: +43 676 9307290

Gabor Szabo
Antonio Biondic

Antonio Biondic

Apprentice software development / Customer Support

Antonio started his apprenticeship as a software developer in 2019. Since then, he has developed into an indispensable member of our Support Team, helping our clients quickly and efficiently in case of technical emergencies.

We are particularly impressed by his immaculate logic and the fact that, despite his young age, he might be the single most calming influence in our office.

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Phone: +43 7242 252 080-24

Elke Ries

Currently on maternity leave

Anita Bilanovic

Anita Bilanovic

Back Office / Customer Support – Currently on maternity leave

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Mit der Absendererkennung können Sie einen Namen (zum Beispiel Ihren Firmennamen) als Absender der SMS angeben. Der Absender darf aus bis zu 11 alphanumerischen Zeichen bestehen (ausgenommen Sonderzeichen). Er wird dann statt einer Rufnummer als Absender am Handy der Empfänger angezeigt. Aus diesem Grund ist es allerdings nicht möglich, auf die SMS zu antworten.

SMS-Empfangsbestätigung & SMS-Sendebestätigung:

Jedes Mal, wenn Sie eine SMS versenden, bekommen Sie vom jeweiligen Mobilfunkbetreiber eine Status-Rückmeldung direkt in Ihre SimpleSMS-Software. Es gibt viele unterschiedliche Status-Typen, wie zum Beispiel „SMS gesendet“, „Am Handy empfangen“, „Rufnummer nicht vergeben“ usw. So können Sie ungültige Rufnummern aus Ihren bestehenden Kontaktlisten entfernen und bei späteren Aussendungen Geld sparen.


Sie können beim SMS-Versand die Flash-SMS-Funktion aktivieren. Sie sorgt dafür, dass eine Flash-SMS bei fast allen Handymodellen direkt auf dem Display des Empfängers angezeigt wird. Er muss dafür keine Taste drücken und zum Lesen auch in kein Untermenü wechseln.


Bilder erzeugen Emotionen. Unterstützen Sie Ihre Werbebotschaften mit Fotos. Und das zu einem Bruchteil der Kosten, die für klassische Werbung anfallen würden. PIC-SMS helfen Ihnen dabei, bestehende Kunden zu binden, neue zu gewinnen und Ihre Marke nachhaltig zu stärken.