Better safe than sorry: 2 factor authentication via SMS

How do your customers log in to your service? When it comes to sensitive data, you need more than just a username and password. With two-factor authentication, you protect your customers’ sensitive data.

Login data is in high demand: Fraudsters, hackers and other criminals are lurking on weak spots to get your login data. With sensitive services such as banks, online stores, clouds and even e-mail providers, it is of course particularly bad if strangers have access to them. The consequences can be very costly, embarrassing or both. This is why more and more providers are turning to additional security – not least to comply with the basic data protection regulation.

2FA via SMS is very trendy

A reasonable and secure protection is the 2-factor authentication via SMS. Many banks, e-mail providers and others have been using this option for a long time: as an additional security measure, so that only the legitimate customer with the one-time code has access to his customer account via SMS.

How does this work in practice? When your customers log in or want to authorize a payment in online banking, for example, you receive an SMS with a code. Only when this code has been entered correctly is the login or release possible. The advantage of the SMS service: Even if the Internet does not work, the text message with the SMS or TAN code will still arrive reliably.

SMS vs. 2FA-App

When the two-factor apps came on the market, many providers turned their backs on SMS. In the meantime, more and more are returning to the good old system. The reason is obvious: with an app you exclude from your service all those who do not use or do not want to use a smartphone. And that’s more than you think!

Secure yourself twice over

With classic authentication – the combined entry of user name and password – customer accounts are only protected by passwords. Fraudsters therefore only need to find out a password to gain access to the respective account. With two-way authentication via SMS, the login process is extended by one step and you can be sure that only legitimate customers have access.

With 2FA you protect sensitive and important data and information and doubly secure yourself against misuse. With SimpleSMS this works very easy: You integrate the 2-way authentication via our interface into your software – we do the rest for you! With our all-round security concept you protect your customers and yourself from (possibly costly) inconvenience caused by password theft.

Are you interested in the 2-factor authentication of SimpleSMS? Get in touch with us and we will show you optimal solutions for your company.

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