Black Friday

Black Friday: Marketing tips for SMEs

The COVID crisis has hit small and medium-sized enterprises hard. Black Friday is a great opportunity for a sales boost. Our marketing tips for SMEs will help you to reach many customers with little money!

How SMEs get more out of Black Friday with SMS marketing

Whether you’re an old hand or thinking about participating in Black Friday for the first time this year – it’s worth it. Because with our marketing tips for SMEs you can reach a huge number of potential customers with little effort.

Step 1: Combine SMS and online marketing

You have the greatest discounts and offers, but nobody knows about them? Then it’s time your target group heard about it. Instead of placing expensive print ads or investing endless amounts of money in Google advertising, you can make it a lot easier for yourself (and reach many more people with little money).

Test SimpleSMS for 30 days for free – create a test account now!

Because SMS marketing and online marketing are the perfect allies. Invite your followers on social media to send you an SMS and receive perfectly tailored promotions in return. In your reply SMS you can ask questions (depending on the industry) for specific details to refine your selection. For example interests, clothing size, favorite color and much more.

Step 2: Upload your contact details

Your SimpleSMS account already contains all the features you need for successful SMS marketing. You already have a well-filled customer database? Then you can start immediately. With SimpleSMS, SMS marketing is fast, easy and simple:

  1. Upload Excel list
  2. Filter target groups
  3. Send

Step 3: Present very special actions to each target group

Prepare your SMS messages with the SimpleSMS filter function and filter your contacts by interests, preferences, sizes, …

With just a few mouse clicks you can now send out targeted actions that hit the mark. The best thing is to add a link to your website where you have published additional information. The success will not be long in coming!

Tip: If you also want to convince your potential customers visually, you can use PIC-SMS to send a gallery of up to 11 pictures simply by SMS. After all, pictures say more than words.

Why SMS marketing?

Have you ever counted how many e-mails you receive from various dealers in the pre-Christmas period? How many of them did you read? How many were deleted directly (or not seen at all because they went straight into your spam folder?

SMS are much better received. With an opening rate of around 98%, you can reach 1,000 potential customers with 60 euros. And you don’t have to worry about being classified as a spammer by e-mail providers.

Why is SMS marketing so effective on a small budget? You can read about it here!

Do you have any questions or special requests for us? Then get in touch – we will be happy to help you!


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