COMCASH and SimpleSMS – the perfect complement for companies

Many companies are committed to customer orientation. The Austrian company COMCASH sells cash registers, but goes much further. Instead of rendering service according to regulations, the team supports the customers far beyond their own business field. And that’s where SimpleSMS comes into play.

Actually it was pure coincidence that the two entrepreneurs met each other. A common customer told Christian Iwaskiewicz from COMCASH about his good experiences with SimpleSMS. Reason enough for the busy sales manager to get to know each other.

Together for happy customers

It turned out that COMCASH and SimpleSMS have much in common. Above all the desire to make the customers really happy. And that with solutions, which stand out far from the standard and are adapted exactly to the desires and needs. So that this is possible, listening is naturally in the first place. COMCASH has been working for many years mainly with hairdressing salons, beauticians and related professions. And there Christian Iwaskiewicz gets to know a lot. Among other things also from not kept dates and the search for a slim and economical, but nevertheless effective marketing. So he tells his customers about the SimpleSMS products, which solve exactly these problems. And in such a way that the companies can achieve a lot with very little effort. The best thing about it: They get a ready-made solution and don’t have to change anything in their system.

What makes the combination of COMCASH and SimpleSMS so special are the many possibilities. The cash register system supplies all information and evaluations, which are important for SMS marketing – at the push of a button. With these data the entrepreneurs can immediately start SMS campaigns, which are guaranteed to hit the mark.

The optimal products for scheduling and SMS marketing

Our customers have known (and lived) it for a long time, of course: appointment reminders via SMS, congratulations on birthdays or other occasions and much more can be done fully automatically with SimpleSMS. The customers of our partner companies are very happy to accept this and it results in better sales and a better workload. Christian Iwaskiewicz enjoys being a problem solver. He knows the challenges his customers have to deal with every day. With SimpleSMS in his luggage he can now help even more effectively. And his customers feel even better all-round support, which naturally has a positive effect on his own core business.

What is the next step?

Of course, the COMCASH team is now enthusiastically using SimpleSMS. But the relationship between the two companies has long since grown beyond the professional level and has become a very friendly relationship. The best prerequisite for a long lasting, fruitful partnership. You would like to know how you and your customers can benefit from a partnership with SimpleSMS? Get in touch with us – we will be happy to advise you!

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