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Your account setup should be very quick. Since no installations are required, you can get started in no time.

We store your data on our own server systems and use several layers of encryption to keep it protected. Our SSL certificate guarantees that your connection to the SimpleSMS application is encrypted and secure at all times.

When you sign the contract, you can choose between a 12 or 24 month duration. To cancel your contract, you may write us anytime up to 14 days before the end of the billing period. If you don’t notify us within this time frame, your contract will automatically be extended by 12 months.

If there isn’t enough credit left to send out your prepared messages, it will be postponed until you have charged your SimpleSMS account again.

Your credit doesn’t expire. As long as you are our client, you can use it.

No, SimpleSMS is a web-based software, so you don’t have to install anything. You can access the SimpleSMS user interface from any computer with an internet connection.

Yes, of course. You may change your password at any time in your user settings under “Account”.

SimpleSMS basic is the web-based core product used for sending out single and bulk SMS. It enables you to reach your target group quickly and effectively with personally addressed text messages. In addition, we offer 3 different interfaces (http, XML and smtp).

With SimpleSMS basic plus, you will also be able to send PIC-SMS – i.e. add up to 5 pictures to any message. Additionally, you will gain access to various filter functions and all phone numbers will be checked in advance before dispatch to see if they are still valid.

If you don’t just want to send, but also receive SMS, SimpleSMS advanced is the choice for you. This package is perfect if you plan on sending out polls and surveys or hold raffles via SMS, for instance. Or if you’d like to start a campaign to collect new contacts.

Both importing and exporting contacts is very simple and can be done using an Excel/CSV file (i.e. the same way you would add contacts to most email programs). You may import and export your data at any time.

Yes, of course. You can integrate SimpleSMS into your software using one of three different interfaces (http, XML and smtp). Of course, you will receive detailed instructions from us. And if you need any assistance, our support team is always happy to help!

Our main support hotline is free of charge for callers from AT, DE, CH, GB, FR, SK and RO: 0800 20 20 49 00

Alternatively, you may use our international hotline: +43 7242 252 0-80​

Or reach us via email at:

The SimpleSMS Support Team is available Monday to Thursday from 8 am – 5 pm, and Friday from 8 am – 3 pm.

Outside business hours, you can always leave us a message and we’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

In urgent cases – in case of a malfunction, for instance – you may send us an inquiry through the SimpleSMS portal or an email to

We did our best to make the SimpleSMS system as convenient and intuitive as possible to help you to get started. You will also find various video tutorials in your account to help you with the first steps.

If you need any further assistance, we’d be happy to help you over the phone or even in person. Just let us know!

You can send your SMS either directly through your online account, our (e-mail-2-SMS) interfaces (https, XML or smtp) or simply via e-mail.

Yes, of course. If you integrate SimpleSMS into your software through one of our interfaces, you can use it to send and receive SMS directly. This is especially useful for automatic appointment confirmations and reminders, since the system retrieves appointment data and other information directly from your Outlook, Apple or Google calendar.

An SMS has a limit of 160 characters including spaces. That may not sound like much, but it makes it easier to keep your message concise and on point. Your recipients will appreciate this, too.

If you send your SMS as a Unicode message, it will also display languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic and many special characters without errors. However, this reduces the number of characters to 70, because this type of transmission requires more space than a regular SMS.

Texts with a length of more than 160 characters will be split up and sent as separate messages. However, doing this will reduce the total amount of possible characters from 3×160 to 460.

When it comes to SMS, the sender can be displayed either as a phone number or as an alphanumeric sender with up to 11 characters (excluding special characters) – a good example might be your company name.

If you choose the alphanumeric sender function, recipients will only see your chosen name rather than a phone number. However, these SMS cannot be replied to, because your phone number isn’t sent along with the message. Because of this, they are more suited to simple informative or marketing messages you wouldn’t expect a direct response to (though you could always add a link for your recipients to reply).

For surveys or any other type of SMS you would expect a response to, you should choose the “regular” option and go with your phone number.

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Yes, with SimpleSMS you can send messages to any country in the world – without any roaming charges. The only fees that apply are the ones you find in our price list.

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Mit der Absendererkennung können Sie einen Namen (zum Beispiel Ihren Firmennamen) als Absender der SMS angeben. Der Absender darf aus bis zu 11 alphanumerischen Zeichen bestehen (ausgenommen Sonderzeichen). Er wird dann statt einer Rufnummer als Absender am Handy der Empfänger angezeigt. Aus diesem Grund ist es allerdings nicht möglich, auf die SMS zu antworten.

SMS-Empfangsbestätigung & SMS-Sendebestätigung:

Jedes Mal, wenn Sie eine SMS versenden, bekommen Sie vom jeweiligen Mobilfunkbetreiber eine Status-Rückmeldung direkt in Ihre SimpleSMS-Software. Es gibt viele unterschiedliche Status-Typen, wie zum Beispiel „SMS gesendet“, „Am Handy empfangen“, „Rufnummer nicht vergeben“ usw. So können Sie ungültige Rufnummern aus Ihren bestehenden Kontaktlisten entfernen und bei späteren Aussendungen Geld sparen.


Sie können beim SMS-Versand die Flash-SMS-Funktion aktivieren. Sie sorgt dafür, dass eine Flash-SMS bei fast allen Handymodellen direkt auf dem Display des Empfängers angezeigt wird. Er muss dafür keine Taste drücken und zum Lesen auch in kein Untermenü wechseln.


Bilder erzeugen Emotionen. Unterstützen Sie Ihre Werbebotschaften mit Fotos. Und das zu einem Bruchteil der Kosten, die für klassische Werbung anfallen würden. PIC-SMS helfen Ihnen dabei, bestehende Kunden zu binden, neue zu gewinnen und Ihre Marke nachhaltig zu stärken.