CPaaS: What it’s all about and how you benefit

Have you heard of CPaaS? We will explain what this abbreviation means and what you can do with it in your company.

Your customers use more and more channels and expect you to communicate with them individually. This is where CPaaS comes in. The somewhat unwieldy acronym means “Communications Platform as a Service” – simply put, it’s a cloud-based platform that allows companies to easily integrate all forms of communication into their own applications. And all this without having to build a new infrastructure or interfaces.

Once it is set up, new features such as chat bots, contact centers, voice and video communication or messengers can be integrated without much effort. This means that you have practically all communication channels “under one roof” and can handle customer communication in a simple, resource-saving and user-friendly manner.

Communication is everything – with CPaaS you reach completely new customers

Do you want to reach and inspire a completely new customer base within seconds? Then CPaaS is the right choice for you. Whatever channels your potential customers use, they’re already integrated into our CPaaS platform. That’s because the CPaaS market brings together many stakeholders, including

  • Telecommunications
  • SMS
  • OTT
  • email
  • Voice messages
  • App Push Provider

The fact is: The demand is getting bigger and bigger. And in the foreseeable future, CPaaS will replace SMS A2P as the standard. Because the advantages for companies are obvious: They can connect to their customers via different channels, but do not need their own hardware.  Instead, you find everything in a single platform.

Create added value for your customers – always on the pulse of time with SimpleSMS

To keep you on the cutting edge, we are currently developing a CPaaS platform for our customers. This allows you to see at a glance where your customers are and how you can best reach them. And manage all communication tools clearly under one roof, including SMS of course. So you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

Your advantages: You can address your customers easier, faster and even more cost-efficient. Easier because your CPaaS portal gives you access to your customers’ preferred channels, all of which are consolidated in one place. Faster because you serve all channels through a single portal. And more cost effective because CPaaS will have a major impact on communication pricing in the near future (we will publish a separate article on this topic soon).

Is SMS now superfluous?

At this point we can only answer with a clear no. This is because SMS have an unmatched opening rate of 98% and are perfect for many purposes. Nevertheless, you can reach many of your customers more easily through other channels. But with CPaaS you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Because it’s not about an either/or, but about both/and.

By the way: the use cases for CPaaS seem (almost) endless and they’re getting more and more over time. From delivery notifications to retail marketing to reminders and notifications. With CPaaS, you can connect, support, inform and interact with your customers more effectively than ever before.

Are you interested in our CPaaS platform? Get in touch with us, we will be happy to answer your questions!

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