Customer proximity via SMS for financial institutions and insurance companies

For banks and insurance companies, the bar is extremely high in terms of security and customer service. SMS is particularly valuable here because it can be used in many ways – customers are reached directly, personally and promptly. And SimpleSMS can do even more: From new customer acquisition to two-factor authentication, everything can be handled easily and conveniently.

Almost all financial institutions use SMS – primarily to make their online banking more secure. For a transaction to be completed, it must be verified by the customer via SMS-TAN. This two-factor authentication system ensures that no unauthorized person who may have access to the account can make transfers.

Using SimpleSMS for these purposes is easy. Because our high-security servers and experienced employees work in the background to ensure the security of bank customers. And with our customized solutions, banks and insurance companies can achieve much more.

Winning customers and perfect support with SimpleSMS

The fact is that customers want to feel personally looked after, especially in sensitive areas such as money or insurance transactions. But what is actually necessary for this? E-mails are definitely not among the preferred methods of reaching new or regular customers. On the one hand, they are often not opened until days later or are deleted immediately. Due to the countless phishing attempts made by criminals via e-mail, customers today tend to delete even real e-mails from banks immediately as a precautionary measure.

This is one of the reasons why financial institutions, just like insurance companies, rely on paper. But let’s be honest: Which of us really reads this mail? As soon as a letter looks like advertising, it usually ends up in the waste paper.

The solution is obvious: With SimpleSMS a wide variety of actions can be started quickly and at any time without much effort. From appointment reminders and confirmations, information dispatch, latest offers and important information to birthday SMS and customer satisfaction surveys, all direct interactions with regular customers can be handled fully automatically. These measures serve on the one hand to increase customer loyalty, but also to acquire new customers with clever strategies.

SMS for more customer proximity

Bank and insurance customers want to be looked after personally. A message directly on the cell phone is the most personal way to show presence as a company. Customers reward this type of direct communication with loyalty and – in the best case – with recommendations.

You can find out how you can benefit from SimpleSMS at any time from our highly qualified team.

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