check-in carwash fand mit SimpleSMS ein neues Geschäftsmodell

Finding new business models – how check-in carwash succeeded

Many companies were completely shut down by Covid-19. And some cannot operate normally despite the relaxation of the exit restrictions. One of them is check-in carwash at Vienna Airport. How a new business model was created with the help of SimpleSMS, you can read here.

check-in carwash – a company that is not only well known to frequent flyers. The business model is simple and popular: travellers hand in their vehicle at check-in carwash at Vienna Airport in parking lot 4, where it is thoroughly cleaned during their absence. As soon as they return, the car is waiting in parking garage 4, sparkling clean.

Payment is made simply with the card at the checkout machine. As soon as the car is handed in, the SimpleSMS system sends a PIN code and the order confirmation to the customer’s cell phone, with which he can open the key safe – that’s it.

Around 80% of customers are regulars who regularly drop off their cars here. Especially business travelers like to use the service.

However, the Covid 19 pandemic has severely damaged this proven business model. During the lockdown, the company was of course closed. In the meantime, it is allowed to reopen, but as long as there is no business at Vienna International Airport, customers will naturally stay away.

When the business is closed, a new idea is needed

It is currently more than unlikely that there will be as many flights in the foreseeable future as before the pandemic. And even if the situation calms down completely, check-in carwash managing director Branko Mihajlov suspects that the travel behavior of Austrians will change in the long term. Because in the home office, it has been proven that many business trips can easily be replaced by online meetings.

Fortunately, the solution was found quickly: If the customers don’t come to the laundrette, the laundrette simply comes to the customer. check-in carwash quickly set up a pick-up and delivery service. Because people like to have clean cars in their home office, too. Since the permitted opening, this service is now available – and it is gladly accepted.

With SimpleSMS it was very easy for check-in carwash

check-in carwash had one big advantage: The company has been a SimpleSMS customer for years. Therefore the changeover was really easy. All previous customers are stored in the customer database anyway and could be informed about the new offer via SimpleSMS. Anyone who is interested answers the SMS with “Yes”.

The customers have accepted the offer enthusiastically and talk about it among their friends. As a result, check-in carwash is now at around 50 % capacity utilization, and the trend is rising. And the employees are happy that they have something to do again.

Of course, the car is handed over completely contactless. Customers are notified by telephone when the employee is in front of the house – and they simply place the car key on the roof of the car, safety distance included. Payment is then also made contactless on account.

By the way, demand continues to grow – many customers want this service in the future as well. That’s why Branko Mihajlov is considering retaining the pick-up and delivery service as an additional offer, even when flight operations return to normal.

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