Guide to happiness: Send birthday SMS fully automatically

In many interviews satisfied customers and partners prove us right: Individual congratulations make their customers happy. Once set up, you too can send birthday SMS fully automatically.

Our customers know: Mobile marketing is the optimal form of communication and its database makes a lot possible. You send each SMS message individually and tailor it to the needs of each of your customers.

It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s not – once set up, you can send birthday SMS messages fully automatically to all your customers, partners, friends, family and whoever else comes to your mind. Just follow the path to happiness – in just a few steps.

1. your database – the magic oracle. Before you activate the birthday SMS, make sure that your contact data also contains the birth dates of the future recipients – in the format DDMMYYYY. Because your contact database can do a lot – but magic is not (yet) one of them.

2. you have everything you need? Then let’s get started: Get into your account and go to the menu “Contacts”. There you will find one or more contact groups you are interested in. For those you want to please with a birthday SMS, just click on the “gift icon” to the right. Voilà – these customers will be happy soon!

3. now it’s time to write! As soon as the birthday SMS field opens, there are no limits to your creativity. From heartwarming to sober – choose wisely, because this text will be sent automatically to your birthday contacts. Including sending time and sending confirmation, if you wish.

Attention: Don’t forget to set the birthday SMS to “active” and save the whole thing!

Let your customers live high – with SimpleSMS!

You see: This is not difficult. The key to satisfied customers is a well-managed customer database and SimpleSMS. By the way: If one or the other person doesn’t want to receive a greeting SMS anymore, that’s no problem either: Just click on the “gift icon” again and the birthday SMS is set to “inactive”. Any more questions? Anytime, we are here for you!

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