How to keep an eye on your customers: the blacklist of SimpleSMS

You do not want to annoy your customers with uninteresting information? Then use the blacklist and whitelist functions of SimpleSMS and protect the good reputation of your company.

You want all your customers to be satisfied? This is often a tightrope act, because it is well known that you can never please everyone. But with your blacklist you can also do something for those who are not so close to you at the moment.

Make the right decision

You probably know this from your own experience: The number of advertising and info short messages is increasing daily and the incoming messages on your smartphone are threatening to explode. Finally, take the time to check all messages to see if the content matches your current interests. And then the question quickly arises: sort out or keep?

If you look at the situation from the other side – from the point of view of the company owner – you naturally don’t want your customers to miss out on your SMS of all things: It could be that one particular message is there at some point. But sometimes it is better to let go and accept the decision of the end customer – because it may well not last.

See it in black and white

Your blacklist helps you to support your customers’ decision: Each recipient can actively unsubscribe from the system by pressing “STOP” – similar to the unsubscribe link in newsletters. Thus, your customer’s cell phone number is put on the blacklist and he will not receive any more SMS. This is especially useful when a customer is travelling for some time – whether privately or professionally.

Conversely, your customers can subscribe to your SMS services again at any time by sending an empty SMS to their own exclusive SMS number. Your customer will automatically be back on the whitelist and thus back in the game. The easier you make it easier for your customer to make active decisions, the better they will remember you and your company.

Use your possibilities

You can also check for yourself that your messages are not going nowhere: The Simple-SMS phone number check service allows you to remove non-existent phone numbers from your database and put them on the blacklist. This saves you money and you use your budget elsewhere, where you really need it.

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