How to make Black Friday a success

How to make Black Friday a success

Some things are certain: There will always be another summer, a holiday season in December, and a Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving.

But sometimes, circumstances force us to change, as was the case with this year’s COVID crisis. We all had to adapt both our lives and business models over the past few months. Our way of living and working has changed fundamentally since last spring.

Black Friday: Also important for German-speaking countries

Despite the pandemic, Black Friday is just around the corner. But many of us will have to adjust to make this day as successful and safe as possible.

The fact is: Your customers will expect special offers on Black Friday. And although this day of discounts isn’t as established in the German-speaking world as it is in the USA, that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Because that would only drive your customers into the arms of online competition from overseas.

Offer your customers an extraordinary shopping experience on Black Friday

This year, many of your customers will shop online. For you, this is both a risk and a great opportunity. The risk is that your customers might choose to do their Christmas shopping with your competitors (maybe they don’t even know that you sell online).

But this is exactly where your big chance lies: If you make your customers aware of your Black Friday offers, you have a clear advantage. Because now the trust you have built up over the years will pay off.

You, too, can profit from Black Friday

  • Encourage your customers to shop online this year instead of coming to your store to minimize the risk of infection
  • Inform them about safety rules in your store (mandatory masks, maximum number of customers, contactless payment, etc.)
  • Let your customers know when your store is closed or about changes in your opening hours due to restrictions
  • Maintain good customer relations. People are currently flooded with negative news and will be happy to read something encouraging

It’s important for you to keep reminding yourself that online shopping doesn’t have to be impersonal – quite the opposite, actually. Set yourself apart from the big players by giving your customers the attention they deserve and by offering special services (such as contactless delivery or returns, for instance).

Success with SMS marketing

Did you know that in the last few years, every 5th Christmas present was bought at the last minute? This year, you can draw the attention of these spontaneous buyers in time, using your Black Friday offers. Because in the middle of the COVID crisis, few will throw themselves into the shopping turmoil.

The people staying at home will be happy to receive an SMS with Black Friday discounts. Meaning they will remember you positively, while you reduce the risk of your competitors benefitting from last-minute purchases instead of you.

Still unsure as to how to adapt your SMS marketing to the current circumstances? No problem – just let us know. We would be happy to help you with suggestions and tips from our experience.

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