How to optimally use the filter function of your SimpleSMS database

Your SimpleSMS database knows your customers. And it knows exactly what you want. To make sure that you don’t leave any of the countless helpful options unused, we present the filter function today using a concrete example.

Your contact database is your most valuable asset: Send new and existing customers vouchers, events, promotions, competitions or individual messages directly to their smartphones and tailor them to the needs of each individual customer. But that doesn’t mean you have to send an extra SMS to each individual customer, because you can create different contact groups according to your specific needs and goals.

SMS service provider, SMS sending, filter function, Simple SMS – Filtering makes business easier

The filter function of your contact database not only saves time, it also facilitates the quick communication with your customers immensely. Of course, you only want to congratulate your customers on Mother’s Day, but for a specific event you want to invite a very specific group of customers – no problem. The SimpleSMS tool is easy to create and just as easy to use.

Address your chosen target group directly and save costs: The filter function helps you to reach a very special group of people for special actions or to narrow down the number of recipients according to various criteria such as gender, age and recipient group. Since this product is a web-based solution, no local installation is necessary. You can control your SMS actions from anywhere, even from your smartphone.

The region is important

An example of the filter criterion by zip code: You run a nationwide company and would like to organize a small event for selected customers and business partners in the near future? This small but select clientele of your company, which you want to invite, is scattered all over Austria?

This is no problem for your customer database, it has all the information stored: Who is interested in this particular product, where do these people live and how can you invite everyone to the event. To make sure that all contacts of the group you have chosen receive an SMS, enter their zip code, for example 4800 and 1020, as well as all matching contacts whose zip code is from 4020 to 4040. Your input is therefore: 4800; 4020-4040; 1020 The attached screenshot shows you how to proceed in this case:

SMS service provider, SMS sending, filter function, simple SMS

As you can see, your SimpleSMS contact database not only helps you to import all your customer data quickly and easily, but also to organize all your contacts according to your needs.

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