Interview with Ms Gussger from RENO Schuh

RENO Schuh has been successfully cooperating with SimpleSMS for years. Ms. Gussger from the RENO marketing team tells us in an interview about the cooperation and future plans.

Editor: Good day Mrs. Gussger. You work in the marketing department for RENO Austria. Why did you decide on SimpleSMS?

Mrs. Gussger: At first glance, the price-performance ratio convinced us. The SimpleSMS employees are very committed and new tools and features are constantly being added to make our work easier. With SimpleSMS time never stands still.

Editor: What advantages do you personally see?

Mrs. Gussger: The short reaction times are especially positive. We can send SMS advertisements within a very short time, which are adapted to current events. For example, in order to react quickly to surprising weather forecasts or actions of the competition.

Editor: How did the integration into your system work out at the beginning?

Mrs. Gussger: It was all relatively uncomplicated. As always, you have to get used to a new system first, but the user interface is so intuitive that it was easy for us to work with it from the very beginning.

Editor: What services do you currently use?

Ms. Gussger: We advertise RENO promotions via SimpleSMS – for example SALE or the Mid Season Sale, and the PIC SMS has proven to be particularly effective. And we send birthday SMS to our customers.

Editor: How do these promotions go down with your customers?

Mrs. Gussger: The response is very satisfying. We don’t necessarily find out what every single customer thinks about it, but the success of the campaigns speaks for itself. And if a customer does not wish to receive any further SMS, he can simply unsubscribe from our service by SMS.

Editor: How satisfied are you with the services of and cooperation with SimpleSMS in general?

Mrs. Gussger: Very satisfied. Of course, sometimes we need support or have questions and the SimpleSMS team is always available immediately with help and advice.

Editor: Have there ever been difficulties?

Mrs. Gussger: Not really. But the employees are great anyway and help where they can.

Editor: Use additional services (e.g: surveys, current information, customer referrals, quality assurance, digital guest list, raffles, internal communication) of SimpleSMS?

Mrs. Gussger: Currently we are also processing raffles via SimpleSMS – with great success. And then – as mentioned before – we also use birthday SMS.

Editor: Have you already made plans for the future with SimpleSMS? Are there any solutions that would be especially interesting for you?

Mrs. Gussger: Currently we are actively working on the development of our customer database. But we are always happy when the SimpleSMS team presents us new solutions and features. Who knows what the future will bring, I’m sure there will be many more marketing solutions.

Editor: Dear Ms. Gussger, thank you very much for your time and the interesting interview!

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