Interview with Tobias Meister from UNITED OPTICS

The young cooperation of UNITED OPTICS and SimpleSMS looks forward to an interesting common future. The successful chain of specialized opticians feels optimally cared for right from the start.

UNITED OPTICS is the largest chain of professional opticians in Austria and Germany. Founded in 1993, the network already comprises 88 locations throughout Austria and Germany. The umbrella brand UNITED OPTICS is successful in the optical industry and also offers a comprehensive concept for hearing care professionals.

One of the two managing directors, Mr. Mag. Tobias Meister, made himself available for an interview to tell about the young and promising cooperation with SimpleSMS.

Editor: Mr. like. master, the question, which interests us naturally first burning: How did you find us and what advantage do you think we have over other providers?

Tobias Meister: It is that we have introduced a new industry software and that is how the contact to SimpleSMS came about. In the course of this introduction we were looking for an innovative partner. Because of the additional services that are possible with SimpleSMS, we decided to choose this provider as our partner.

In a nutshell: We used the chance to integrate the extended offer of SimpleSMS in the course of our IT changeover.

Editor:What are the big advantages compared to the past?

Tobias Meister: What was important for us – and this is also our top priority – was the personal support from the SimpleSMS staff. It is great that consultants are also available live on site in the respective companies to provide advice and support.

Because our independent optics companies naturally want to implement their own ideas in addition to our central marketing and communication measures and have a competent contact person who can implement and support the one or other new idea locally.

Editor: Become a member of our team and take advantage of additional services (e.g: Surveys, birthday congratulations, current information, customer referrals, competitions etc.) from SimpleSMS?

Tobias Meister: The customer is addressed individually. This is very successful and is gladly accepted.

Additional tools such as data completion help us to make our service more comprehensive and personal. That’s why we will certainly continue to expand SMS marketing in this direction.

We are very interested in the customer loyalty system and will continue to pursue this. We can use it to communicate, for example, promotions, offers or news to each customer individually and specifically – and all this without a customer card, but simply and fully automatically via SMS.

What we also particularly liked is the phone number verification before dispatch. This means we no longer have SMS that simply go nowhere.

Editor: What are your long-term plans for the future in connection with SimpleSMS?

Tobias Meister: We definitely want to establish communication via SMS as the central touchpoint with our customers – in all phases of the customer relationship. We will work more intensively on individualization to ensure the acceptance of this medium and we are careful to ensure that SMS communication is not a one-way street. With SimpleSMS as our partner, we feel we are well prepared for this!

Editor: Mr. Meister, then I wish you good luck and thank you very much for your time and the interesting interview!

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