Make more from much: Achieve more with the SimpleSMS features

Do you already know the SimpleSMS additional functions? With them your SMS marketing strategies will become even more efficient. Read here how you can benefit from our features.

Sender identification

Imagine your customers can see at first glance when an SMS is coming from you. With the sender recognition of SimpleSMS this is very easy: Instead of your phone number an 11-digit word (for example your company name) appears on the cell phones of your recipients. In order to prevent you from falling into a legal grey area, we check that the word you have chosen does not contain a protected brand name.

If your company name is also your sender identification, your customers will immediately know where the SMS came from – the SMS is opened instead of deleted and you increase your reach. The only downer: If you have activated sender identification, your SMS cannot be answered directly. Therefore it makes sense to place a link to your landing page or promotion page in the SMS and trigger the reaction of your customers.

Send confirmation

What helps the most beautiful SMS if it doesn’t arrive? To prevent this from happening to you, we have developed the transmission confirmation: Our system sends the SMS in advance to the provider, who checks that the numbers are up-to-date.

In the tool you can see at a glance which SMS have arrived and which have not, based on extensive statistics. You can also automatically import invalid phone numbers into the blacklist. Your advantage: The next time you send an SMS, these numbers are not taken into account and do not have to be checked for a new one. This way the message is really only sent to existing numbers and you save the shipping costs for those SMS that would just go nowhere.

Flash SMS

Have you heard of Flash SMS? It is different from traditional SMS and generates much more attention – and if it is well designed, more response. The Flash-SMS does not need to be opened, but is shown directly on the display of most cell phones.

For example, if you send a Flash SMS with the content: “20% discount on garden furniture – quick access at Gartendiskonter Müller”, your recipients will see the entire text at a glance as soon as they look at their cell phones. Your customers’ attention is therefore guaranteed.

Interested? Get in touch with us. We have many more tips in store for you!

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