Making customers happy and filling the database – that’s how it works!

Customer loyalty – the magic word that brings beads of sweat to the brow of many entrepreneurs. How is that possible? Especially today, when the next action is lurking around every corner and the next bargain is waiting? We provide the answers and show you a very special tool at the end of the article.

Fact is: Happy customers are loyal customers. If they also feel well looked after, are addressed personally and have pleasant memories of your company, you have taken the first, most important step. Now it is up to you to make yourself or your products or services visible and to keep reminding yourself of them.

With computer-controlled SMS applications you will reach your goals much faster and more effectively – especially if you combine your actions with various other marketing measures. We have put together a small overview of how you can make customers happy with your SMS and at the same time fill up your database.

1. SMS and classic advertising media

Do you regularly advertise with direct mail, posters, advertisements etc.? Give your current and future customers the opportunity to contact you immediately. Just enter your SMS number and that’s it.

Our practical tip: You want a lot of feedback? Then why not combine your classic advertising with a lottery or promotion. Your customers will be happy if they find a discount code or a small immediate prize in the reply SMS. And you are happy about many new contacts in your database.

2. votings and surveys

Encourage your customers to participate. Whether you let them vote on the product of the month, hold an audience vote or simply ask for their opinion – when people can get active, they feel part of the company.

Our practical tip: With a targeted survey, you can learn more than just your customers’ opinions. Also ask for data that will make your SMS transmission leaner and more efficient. For example, beauty institutes can find out the skin type, shoe stores can find out the shoe size, etc. This way you will only send your campaigns to people who are eligible for them.

More response, less paper

Compared to reply cards and coupons, the response via SMS is of course much better. Everyone has a cell phone at hand, but not a mailbox. And who doesn’t know the countless, unredeemed coupons that turn up in some drawer years later?

all-in-one-device: The (new) customer BOOSTER from SimpleSMS

All in one, everything always at hand. Combine customer card, bonus points and much more in one tool!

Imagine your customers could collect points, redeem vouchers and much more directly on their cell phones. And your customer database would fill up all by itself. Sounds good? Then you should take a look at the SimpleSMS (New)Customer BOOSTER. Here you will find all information at a glance!

The SimpleSMS team wishes you many satisfied customers! If you still have questions, just contact us!

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