More quality? For sure! With SimpleSMS.

The opinion of your customers is important to you? Then show them. Quality assurance via SMS brings many advantages and enables you to provide your regular customers with optimal support.

Your regular customers are one of the supporting pillars of your company. But to be able to provide them with the best possible service, you need to know more about them. Frequent meetings or phone calls are hardly possible nowadays. The solution: Simply ask your customers via SMS! Text messages always reach their destination and your customers can answer them when they have the time. The result: Your customers are satisfied and you move your business forward.

Advantages for all

The advantages for you:

Make it easy for yourself: You can create any action yourself with just a few clicks. No matter if it is a survey, a lottery, appointment reminders, votings and much more.

Ask the right questions – carry out quality assurance quickly and easily. How did your customer like your service, were all his wishes fulfilled to his satisfaction, are there any possibilities for improvement …

Drive with full automation: Collect all answers from all your customers and let the SimpleSMS-Toll evaluate them automatically. So everything works from A-Z: from the processing to the satisfaction of your customers.

Kill two birds with one stone: If you disturb your customers during important meetings or phone calls, the answers might not be so positive. A survey via SMS can not only be carried out in a quiet minute, the customer also has more time to answer the question thoughtfully.

Gather information and learn: Learn first-hand how your service or products are received by the customer. Draw valuable conclusions from his answers and take criticism as an incentive for your company’s performance.

Reveal grievances: We are all just people. Even in the best company mistakes happen or defects creep in. No reason to despair: An honestly meant SMS smoothes out waves where a heated phone call quickly brings the situation to a close.

The advantages for your customers:

Your regular customers know what they have in you as a business partner. They are heard, their opinion counts. They can tell you about problems that might be ignored elsewhere. You have also gained a reliable business partner who has gained your trust.

Your customers are optimally looked after by you and appreciate that. They rely on your high-quality products or your excellent service. They are completely satisfied with you, even if something does not work out so well.

The answer to all questions: SimpleSMS

You see: If your customers are satisfied, your company can look forward to a rosy future. Quality assurance can be carried out just as easily via SMS as appointment reminders, surveys, votings and much more.

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