Ms. Reisenberger from Optik Glieder in a SimpleSMS interview

Today, one of our newest customers will answer questions from our editorial staff. How the company Optik Glieder profits from SimpleSMS, the managing director Mrs. Reisenberger tells us.

Editor: Dear Mrs. Reisenberger, you are business guide with optics of links in Kirchdorf. May I ask you to tell me briefly something about you and the company?

Mrs. Reisenberger: Yes, naturally, very gladly. We are a small optician enterprise, I myself have been working for the company for 20 years. Business is going well, we are very satisfied. I myself also take care of everything that has to do with advertising for the company.

Editor: Why SimpleSMS: How did you find this provider?

Mrs. Reisenberger: First I looked around in the Internet, because we were a little careless with the feed of the E-Mail addresses into our customer file, I must confess. I wanted to change that, so I was looking for a way to reach our customers better without having to send out letters all the time. But I did not find the right provider for my project. And then – this was really a coincidence and a huge luck in retrospect – Mr. Dinu from SimpleSMS called me – this was at the same time as my thought: I want to do something with SMS dispatch. And so our cooperation began.

Editor: How did the integration into your system work at the beginning?

Ms. Reisenberger: It worked out great! Two friendly employees of SimpleSMS came to us and imported all the data into our system and so far it has worked perfectly. We immediately imported all existing customer data, updated it ourselves two weeks ago and added our new customers without any problems.

Editor: Which services do you use at the moment?

Ms. Reisenberger: We are still very new to the system, only since December 2017, which means that we are currently in the middle of setting up. Of course, we sent out Christmas greetings right away and currently we send out birthday greetings.

Of course we are planning to send out current information and actions via SimpleSMS in the near future. We still have to take a closer look at what we can do – SimpleSMS offers a lot – but we are planning bigger things, that’s for sure.

Editor: Are services such as surveys, current information, customer referrals, quality assurance or competitions interesting for you and the company?

Ms. Reisenberger: We are definitely planning campaigns, such as the one we are currently offering on our homepage with Facebook. Especially when sales are over, SimpleSMS allows you to select customers and offer them their favorite brands of glasses directly during promotions. So this will be started in any case.

Editor: What do your customers say? Is there already feedback on the offered business solutions?

Mrs. Reisenberger: Oh yes, yes. We already received good feedback at the Christmas greetings, some of them wrote back. And the birthday greetings are very well received. Our customers also tell us that they are really happy about their shopping in the store – so this campaign is really well received.

Editor: What are your plans for the near future in connection with SimpleSMS?

Mrs. Reisenberger: At the moment nothing too concrete, we will soon sit down with our advertising agency and discuss further plans, but it will definitely be much more. We intend to get fully involved with SimpleSMS and really get going, so to speak, because we see great potential here.

Editor: Has there been a first sales success since you started SimpleSMS campaigns?

Mrs. Reisenberger: Well, it’s still too early for that, but yes, actually it is: Only recently a customer came to us, who was reminded by the birthday SMS that she actually needs new glasses long ago. So I think that this will be a food for thought for many people and that’s exactly our short- and long-term goal with SimpleSMS.

Editor: Dear Ms. Reisenberger, thank you very much for the nice conversation and all the best for the future!

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