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Pharmacies and SimpleSMS: Together healthy into the new year

Your health is important to us: Find out how SimpleSMS tools help pharmacies to improve their service to customers.

For a long time now, pharmacies have been providing services and support not only in sales. More and more pharmacies are expanding their services by staying in direct contact with their customers.

For example, there are certain theme days that either address general areas in the respective seasons or offer specific health measures, tests or advice.

SimpleSMS supports pharmacies in saving time and extends their service far beyond the individual consultation in the store. Special tools and individual features offer solutions that make hearts beat faster and expand the customer database practically by itself.

In the service of health: 3 examples of SMS marketing

1. health days, hearing tests, information events: Do you offer your customers regular events on health topics? Of course you can advertise in regional newspapers, put posters in your shop windows or send e-mails. But you will rarely reach the right target group – the spread is simply too wide. And – be honest – e-mails end up in the virtual trash far more often than they are read.

With SimpleSMS you have it easier: In your customer database you have a real treasure of recipients, which you only have to use correctly. Simply filter according to various criteria and send targeted messages to exactly those people who will benefit from your campaign. It wouldn’t make much sense to invite men to a lecture on proper nutrition during pregnancy, would it?

2. medicines ordered: No pharmacy always has everything in stock. If you order for your customers more often, you will probably spend quite a lot of time on the phone when the products are available. And depending on whether your contact is taking off or not, there will be a few empty miles.

SimpleSMS is already a big step ahead: Integrate the system into your merchandise management system and the respective customer will automatically receive an SMS as soon as the desired product arrives at your pharmacy. You don’t have to think about it all the time and can relax and focus on other things.

3. birthdays and other occasions: Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and especially birthdays – your customers will be happy to receive a small gift from you on special occasions. For example small discounts on certain products or a small gift with your next purchase.

With SimpleSMS you can easily make everyone in your customer database happy. The birthday SMS will be sent automatically on the right day after you have prepared the desired text or nice pictures. And for all other occasions we have many different products for you such as the PIC-SMS, survey tools and much more.

Pharmacies can also make people happy

And while we are on the subject of making people happy: As a pharmacist, you know very well that happiness and relaxation can have an enormous influence on health. Therefore ever more pharmacies in the context of a profit play draw Wellness days, chamfering cures and much more besides. With the SimpleSMS profit play you can win by the way also completely simply new customers. How this works, we will gladly tell you in a personal conversation.

But SimpleSMS is also perfect for image maintenance: Why not send out regular SMS newsletters with useful tips – for example, with healthy recipes for fasting, information about vitamin D in winter, etc. There are no limits to your ideas.

SimpleSMS and pharmacies: healthy partners

Expand your marketing channels and address more people: directly via SMS. A text message always arrives and is read much more often than an e-mail. Find out how you can make your pharmacy even more successful with SimpleSMS.

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