SimpleSMS at the pharmacy

The SimpleSMS tools are an asset to any industry. How a pharmacy can profit from them, you can find out today in our interview with Ms. Ingram, the owner of Michaelis Apotheke.

Editor: Dear Ms. Ingram, as the owner of the Michaelis Apotheke, you probably not only have a lot to do with the customers themselves, but probably also have a lot of paperwork to do in the background. Does the SimpleSMS software help you to save time?

Mag. Ingram: Oh yes, very much. As you said, our service does not only take place directly in the sales department. We offer a lot more, for example certain consulting days together with other companies. Hearing tests, for example, are very popular. In the past, we used to write e-mails to our customers afterwards, telling them that they should see an ear specialist. But honestly, who reads that? Not even me, because then a lot of things go nowhere. Now we inform our customers briefly and concisely by SMS, they get and read the message immediately.

Editor: Then let’s stick to the advantages – what other SimpleSMS services do you use?

Mag. Ingram: Well, I have to say that we have only been on board for a short time, quite a few. Recently we did a lottery, which is already finished – it worked really well. We raffled off a wellness weekend in a 5-star hotel nearby: The customers were asked to send an SMS to a certain number and of course write their name in it. There were a lot of regular customers, but also a lot of new customers. I think we received a total of about 300 SMS. I have to say, that is quite a lot. These telephone numbers were then also directly and automatically transferred to the customer file, already known, but also many new ones.

And then we send birthday wishes – they are also very well received by the customers, in a double sense. Customers see the birthday SMS immediately and the feedback is incredible. Many customers are so happy about it that they write back many nice answers. Of course, we are personally happy about that too!

Editor: That all sounds more than positive. Do you already have ideas for further projects with SimpleSMS?

Mag. Ingram: Of course! We now inform our customers immediately and directly via SMS for certain actions. For example, we’re going to start our popular campaign before the summer vacations: There is a very good discount on many sun creams in a certain period of time. In the past, we often had the problem that people asked us when the promotion would take place. And that even though I always put a big poster in the display. Either a lot of inquiries came after the campaign or many simply missed the poster because they weren’t in the pharmacy at the time. Now with SimpleSMS this is of course different: we can remind our customers directly by SMS of the campaign.

Editor: Was it really difficult at the beginning to integrate the SimpleSMS software into your system?

Mag. Ingram: No, not at all. SimpleSMS also fits well with our pharmacy software, everything works without any problems. And in the meantime we can do it all ourselves, because the tool of SimpleSMS is very clear. Also the collaboration works great. The employee is always available and helpful. This was especially important in the beginning, when there were one or two small difficulties. But they were solved immediately and meanwhile there are no more problems.

Editor: You really seem very satisfied – that sounds like a great future together!

Mag. Ingram: Yes, there certainly is! As already mentioned, the feedback is incredible, our customers are very happy. Many of them write back very nicely and a lot of customers took part in the competition.

Apart from that I already mentioned what we are planning in the near future. But we want to approach this in moderation and not flood our customers with news right at the beginning, otherwise it will be too much for them – but in the right intervals it will surely be ok.

Editor: So in conclusion, one could definitely say that the SMS campaigns are a success for your pharmacy?

Mag. Ingram: Yes, in any case. I think that we can certainly be pleased about one or the other customer gain. It is still too early to talk about an increase in sales, but we are very satisfied for the short time we have been working with SimpleSMS. It is not only a success for the business, but also gives us a lot of personal pleasure.

Editor: Dear Ms. Ingram, then I wish you continued good luck and thank you for the interesting interview!

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