SimpleSMS + EDV 2000 = top service and satisfied customers

Cooperations between companies always pursue a common goal. The partnership of SimpleSMS and EDV 2000 is still young, but it keeps its promise from the beginning: to make your customers even more satisfied with each other.

The IT company EDV 2000, based in Vienna, has been a partner of SimpleSMS for several months. The cooperation is primarily a technical collaboration – but the goal both companies have in common is a higher one: satisfied customers and full service. The slogan “Together we are stronger” comes into its own in this partnership, because here the customer gets the whole package: the full service of information and mobile technology, paired with professional customer care.

In the beginning was the idea

How exactly does the cooperation work? The cooperation between SimpleSMS and EDV 2000 is primarily a technical cooperation. EDV 2000 provides its data specifically from self-developed industry-specific software programs. For example, the IT company has a number of other packages in addition to Datafral, a software for opticians, or, the program for veterinarians. The customer receives data via SMS, in order to forward it to his customers via SMS. These are, for example, vaccination and appointment reminders or important information that documents are still missing. Opticians send reminders via SMS that glasses are ready for collection or that completion will be delayed.

SimpleSMS: the professional partner

Mr. Gerhard Tögel, managing partner of EDV 2000, told us in an interview about the beginnings of the cooperation: At Opti Munich, the international trade fair for optics and design, the first contact was made. EDV 2000 has now been a partner of SimpleSMS for a few months. The IT company had been familiar with mobile technology for years. Decisive for a change was finally the fact that SimpleSMS is technically much more professionally developed than many competitors. In addition, the employees of SimpleSMS advise their customers in particular detail, they disclose all possibilities of the system, so they actually take care of the customer and explain directly what it is all about.

SimpleSMS also has an excellent support, but the most important thing for a cooperation was: The customer is completely satisfied and receives exactly the feedback and support, which EDV 2000 also records as a special factor in its company philosophy. As you would expect from a good EDP company, the SimpleSMS team works extremely professional and therefore exactly this kind of mobile technology became the main product for SMS transmissions.

EDV 2000: the perfect interface

How cooperation works in practice: Customers receive a system from EDV 2000, i.e. an order processing system from which data is supplied. In plain language, this means that customers can select menu items that are relevant to them and send them directly, as with an e-mail, only in this case as an SMS. The task of the IT company is to ensure that the interface always works. There are many interfaces in EDV 2000’s specially developed software programs – one example: the optician saves his customer’s values, sends them to the computer and checks them regularly. This information is then passed on to the customer via SMS, for example, when the glasses are finished. Today, the optician is no longer forced to call or write to the customer by mail, often without success.

The future holds great promise

In the end, the question remains: How many customers use this and is it an up-and-coming branch? Both partners are in complete agreement: Yes, definitely! Customers are consistently enthusiastic, because SMS messages are demonstrably read much faster and more often, even when on the move, than e-mails. This is why mobile technology is the right choice. You can also use the system excellently for advertising purposes, SimpleSMS has a large portfolio and can do a lot with the data stored in the EDV 2000 programs. The interest is there and with advertising you finally reach the appropriate target groups.

The interplay between industry-specific software programs and mobile technology is therefore excellently suited and has a lot of potential for the future: in addition to reminders for special important deadlines or vaccination reminders, for example, customers will soon also get to know new applications with, the law firm program for lawyers.

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