SimpleSMS supplements dance school software

The web-based software “Dancecloud” was specially tailored to the needs of dance schools. How SimpleSMS comes into play is explained by the developer Benjamin Völk.

The success proves him right: Meanwhile many dance schools all over Austria and even in Germany are using the Dancecloud and are enthusiastic: The software is not only used internally, but also makes a simple and flexible communication with the customers possible.

Editor: Mr. Völk, why is there actually a separate dance school software and how did you come up with the idea?

Benjamin Völk: In addition to my computer science studies, I also began training as a dance teacher. Because dance teachers also have to do office work and existing software products were not optimal, we thought that we could actually do it better ourselves. That’s how this project came about and I think the success proves us right.

Editor: Your business partner, Mr. Horn, as the owner of a dance school, has contributed the necessary industry knowledge?

Benjamin Völk: Exactly, he has the experience and the contacts for sales. He has been running the dance school for 35 years and naturally has the best possible view of this industry. He knows exactly what the software must be able to do.

Editor: Now, of course, I have to know: What is so special about Dancecloud?

Benjamin Völk: It is a classic customer management software, i.e. for course registrations, monthly contracts, etc., but extended to include the special area of dance teaching. Course materials, training materials and the special: The product happens at the customer. The dance teacher is provided with information from the customer for the respective class, e.g. if one customer is already at a higher level than all the others. This means that the dance teacher can also adapt his lessons individually to his customers. There is also the possibility of online bookings or check-in terminals: Here the customers can register themselves and the dance teacher no longer has to check off time-consuming attendance lists.

Editor: And how did you come to SimpleSMS?

Benjamin Völk: We already have a cooperation partner, but SimpleSMS was recommended to us by a dance school owner friend. We were immediately enthusiastic: Not only from the support, but also from the possibilities that SimpleSMS thinks further. We are not just offered an interface – people really thought something out here: What else could be done, how can SMS be used innovatively, for example for surveys, competitions etc.?

Editor: What are your plans with SimpleSMS?

Benjamin Völk: First and foremost the reminder SMS: This way nobody forgets their private dance lesson: Not the customer, not the teacher. At the moment we still have a test access and there are already some discussions about interesting cooperation possibilities.

Editor: How did the integration into your system work out?

Benjamin Völk: It was really very uncomplicated, the changeover was quick because the documentation of the interface is flawless. The concept of the interface implementation of SimpleSMS is very simple, very modern and very quick to implement. Questions are answered quickly and easily by the support team.

Editor: Further plans?

Benjamin Völk: Yes, there are some ideas such as birthday wishes via SMS. The personal greeting formula of the dance teacher is special, because the customer doesn’t immediately recognize that this is a computer-generated SMS. Or sendings for course starts or dance parties. And also appointment reminders and notifications to all participants that courses are cancelled etc. On the subject of winning new customers, we are already very curious about the input from SimpleSMS, because we lack experience in this area. There have already been exciting ideas from other industries and how we can apply them. SMS is becoming more and more popular again, so we can certainly implement a lot.

Editor: Have you already received feedback from your customers?

Benjamin Völk: We have been very cautious about it. By switching to SimpleSMS and also because of the DSGVO, we have now actively approached our customers: We presented the new possibilities to them and this was very positively received. Because now with our new cooperation partner our system is not only OK, but it is continuously improving, it runs great and is efficient.

Editor: When do you want to start with SimpleSMS?

Benjamin Völk: Well, we are planning a smooth transition in Austria in August and then also in Germany.

Editor: Mr. Völk, thank you very much for this really interesting interview and good luck for the future!

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