SMS Marketing

Small budget, much advertising: SMS marketing works!

You have radically cut your advertising budget during the crisis, but still want to stay on the radar with your customers? With SMS marketing you can kill many birds with one stone.

During the last few months, in many companies hardly one stone has been left standing on another. And most entrepreneurs are now thinking above all about saving money. Understandably – the situation is uncertain and in many industries it is now really a matter of bare survival.

The advertising budget is the first to be cut in times of crisis. Probably also with you. Why this is often not so bad and how you can still achieve a lot with little effort, we will tell you here.

How have you advertised so far?

The classics among the advertising possibilities usually devour a lot of money. But you know that best yourself. A quarter page in a print edition costs from 500,- Euro upwards. You will never know how many potential customers will notice this ad. Nor will you know how many will react to it.

How much you spend on classic online marketing can be seen month after month on your credit card statement. And we don’t even want to talk about advertising on TV and radio. The good question is: How much is coming back? Is classic advertising worth its money?

Numbers, data, facts – what are the chances of SMS marketing?

Fortunately, there are many smart people who create statistics. For example on the behavior of typical customers. And the results speak for themselves:

  • 46 times a day adults look at their cell phones
  • They spend 23 hours a week reading and writing text messages
  • It takes less than 5 seconds to read an SMS
  • Within 90 seconds it takes them to reply to an SMS (for e-mails this is 90 minutes)
  • 45 % of all SMS are answered (and only 6 % of all e-mails)
  • 98% of all SMS are opened (and only 20% of all e-mails)

In addition naturally still the unbeatable price advantage comes: With SMS marketing you reach with a SMS budget of 60, – euro whole 1,000 humans! If then also still the message fits, nothing stands to your success really more in the way.

Who does not recruit now, remains on the distance

Your customers continue to shop – crisis or no crisis. In many cases even more than ever before. Because they now spend much more time in front of their PCs or cell phones than last year (and leave the house much less often).

So you have a choice: Either you leave the field to international online stores or you rely on SMS marketing and get your piece of the big cake!

By the way: We will gladly help you to formulate the perfect message for your SMS marketing. Just get in touch with us!

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