Pick-up & Delivery Notifications

Keep your customers informed about when their ordered goods are ready for pick-up or about to be shipped out with pick-up and delivery SMS.

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Pick-up and Delivery Notifications

Hardly any business is fully stocked at all times. Especially if you’re a pharmacist or bookseller, you can score points with your customers if you’re willing to order rarely requested items on demand. With SimpleSMS, you no longer need to worry about how to inform your customers when their items are ready for pick-up. As soon as the product arrives at your store, your customer will automatically receive a notification via SMS. Because SimpleSMS can be directly linked to your merchandise management system.

Car mechanics and delivery services can also benefit from automatic pick-up and delivery notifications. Because they keep people from forgetting about ordered parts or packages. And you no longer need to worry about telephone queues and listening to tape recordings.

Here's how our Pick-up and Delivery Notifications work

Die Abholer- und Zustell-SMS

Whatever you offer, many customers today expect a pick-up or delivery service. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend your time notifying every single customer.

SimpleSMS takes care of everything automatically. The system can easily be integrated into your software via one our interfaces. And then? Then you can get back to your daily tasks instead of working through delivery and pick-up lists!


Dear Ms. Doe

Your medication has just been delivered and is ready for pick-up.

Our opening hours are:
Mo-Sa from 8 AM to 6 PM

Your Pharmacy

Dear Mr. Doe

Your package was just shipped and will arrive in approximately two business days. You can track the shipment using the following link:

Track Shipping

We hope you'll be happy with your purchase!

Your Delivery Service

You're a developer or programmer?

What else can you do with Pick-up and Delivery SMS?

Our customers frequently come up with ideas that surprise even us. At first glance, our pick-up and delivery notifications would mainly be interesting for industries where (as the name suggests) items need to be picked up or delivered on a regular basis. But that’s not all.

Since SimpleSMS can be directly linked to your merchandise management system, it can be used in various creative ways. For example: One of your customers needs large quantities of a certain item. But the rquested quantity isn’t currently available (at least not in the right color or size). With SimpleSMS, you don’t have to keep it on your mind indefinitely. Because as soon as the product is back in stock, your customer will automatically be notified and can simply order it.

Do you have any ideas for pick-up and delivery SMS? We’d love to hear your suggestions!

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Mit der Absendererkennung können Sie einen Namen (zum Beispiel Ihren Firmennamen) als Absender der SMS angeben. Der Absender darf aus bis zu 11 alphanumerischen Zeichen bestehen (ausgenommen Sonderzeichen). Er wird dann statt einer Rufnummer als Absender am Handy der Empfänger angezeigt. Aus diesem Grund ist es allerdings nicht möglich, auf die SMS zu antworten.

SMS-Empfangsbestätigung & SMS-Sendebestätigung:

Jedes Mal, wenn Sie eine SMS versenden, bekommen Sie vom jeweiligen Mobilfunkbetreiber eine Status-Rückmeldung direkt in Ihre SimpleSMS-Software. Es gibt viele unterschiedliche Status-Typen, wie zum Beispiel „SMS gesendet“, „Am Handy empfangen“, „Rufnummer nicht vergeben“ usw. So können Sie ungültige Rufnummern aus Ihren bestehenden Kontaktlisten entfernen und bei späteren Aussendungen Geld sparen.


Sie können beim SMS-Versand die Flash-SMS-Funktion aktivieren. Sie sorgt dafür, dass eine Flash-SMS bei fast allen Handymodellen direkt auf dem Display des Empfängers angezeigt wird. Er muss dafür keine Taste drücken und zum Lesen auch in kein Untermenü wechseln.


Bilder erzeugen Emotionen. Unterstützen Sie Ihre Werbebotschaften mit Fotos. Und das zu einem Bruchteil der Kosten, die für klassische Werbung anfallen würden. PIC-SMS helfen Ihnen dabei, bestehende Kunden zu binden, neue zu gewinnen und Ihre Marke nachhaltig zu stärken.