Summer in the City with SimpleSMS

With the summer heat comes the vacation feeling. But why wander far if the summer is just as beautiful here in Germany? Not all of your customers have gone on vacation – so it’s the best time for you to score points with the mobile marketing offers of SimpleSMS.

It’s here again – the hottest time of the year. Everything takes place outside and usually late into the night. Many companies have also recognized this in recent years and organize events more and more often during the summer months. Because in summer it simply celebrates itself more beautifully. And with our support you are optimally prepared for the season.

If you also want to invite your customers, business partners or employees in proper style, you are right at the forefront with the helpful products of SimpleSMS: No matter if you are planning a summer event, a barbecue, a motto party or even a concert – use the targeted customer approach and your valuable database or create statistics for the success of your company.

Hot nights, cool guests

Who sends the coolest invitations? Well, you, of course. Because with SimpleSMS you have the best options and therefore you are spoilt for choice. We have a few ideas:

As a little foretaste, send a PIC-SMS. Create a gallery with up to 10 pictures so that your guests can see the location in the best light and the anticipation of your party takes their breath away.

With your professional, digital guest list from SimpleSMS, your guests can register directly and easily for your summer event and check in at the location – without long queues. You have the overview and your guests enjoy an unforgettable evening without stress.

And by the way – encourage your regular customers, friends and family to bring along to the party as well: With the customer-recommendation-SMS it is easy to win many new customers. Because in the trusted circle it celebrates itself nevertheless directly twice as beautifully.

Your party: a complete success

But there is much more: Make your guests’ mouths water. Send them SMS appointment reminders in good time or choose the perfect summer party outfit as part of a competition – the winning prize is sure to get everyone hot with the SimpleSMS voting system.

And don’t forget to take a survey in the days after. That way you’ll find out if you’ve already thrown the ultimate top party or if there’s something you could improve next year.

You see – one of many summer events will pay off for you in any case. So start planning now and make the most of the hot season for your business. And if you want to know more about one or the other idea from this article, just get in touch with us!

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