The Austrian pollen warning service sends with SimpleSMS

For allergy sufferers it is the first and most important source of information: the Austrian Pollen Warning Service. From now on, the institution sends current warnings with SimpleSMS in accordance with data protection regulations.

Vital information for allergy sufferers

The Austrian Pollen Warning Service of the Research Group Aerobiology and Pollen Information of the Medical University of Vienna is the leading research institute on allergies and has been providing pollen information for the Austrian population for more than 20 years. Allergy sufferers throughout Europe receive information about the current pollen load and a pollen forecast for three days. Thanks to timely warnings, they can better prepare themselves and minimize the risks.

In addition to the information on the website and the pollen app, WhatsApp messages were previously sent to registered users. To protect user data, this service will now be discontinued. From now on the pollen warning service will send current warnings via SimpleSMS.

Why SimpleSMS?

Uwe Berger MBA, head of the pollen warning service and the research group Aerobiology and Pollen Information at the Medical University of Vienna, had very precise ideas about how the new notification service should work. And the changeover was to take place without months of monitoring and be as uncomplicated as possible. After all, due to the mild winter this year the pollen season starts even earlier than usual and those affected are dependent on this information.

SimpleSMS not only fulfilled all requirements, but also scored with the usual flexibility. Uwe Berger describes the changeover as simple, uncomplicated and highly professional. All registration routines were reprogrammed in a very short time and the pollen warnings can now be sent easily via the SimpleSMS web interface.

Pollen warnings over all channels

So that all allergy sufferers with current information can be supplied, the Austrian pollen warning service uses all channels – from Teletext, print media, social networks over the Website up to the own App. With the SMS service of SimpleSMS now also all concerning can inform, which use the Internet otherwise only rarely.

Are you an allergy sufferer? Then register for the SMS service on the website of the Austrian pollen warning service:

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