The SimpleSMS think tank: Tips from a professional optician

Our guide series goes into the next round. Mr. Sattler from Optik Sattler in Knittelfeld provides you with many exciting tips for your SMS marketing. Practical and with guaranteed success. Let us inspire you!

We are opticians with passion. In our optician’s store in Knittelfeld there are the right glasses for everyone. And if a particular pair of glasses is not (yet) available, we design it ourselves and manufacture it in our own workshop.

Like many companies, we were also looking for the perfect marketing solution. The usual methods such as direct marketing, flyers and advertisements simply did not generate enough response compared to the effort involved.

The search for a sensible marketing solution

As so often in life, chance played into our hands. Our software provider EDV 2000 made us aware of SimpleSMS. And that changed everything.

Admittedly, the wide range of products did not make the decision easy for us. Which SimpleSMS solution suits us best? In the end, we decided in the first step for the (new) customer BOOSTER. And that was definitely the best decision for us!

How customers become regular customers

Since we have been using SimpleSMS, things have been very straightforward. Every customer can register as a (new) customer BOOSTER right in the store – and from that moment on, profit from many advantages. And we do not need to worry about the DSGVO anymore, because this solution is already data protection compliant.

The principle is simple: Scan, sign up, get the voucher, collect. iPhone users simply scan the QR code, Android users get an SMS from us with the registration link. As soon as the customers have registered, they are in our system and immediately receive a 6% voucher, which they can redeem immediately. This makes the glasses you just bought cheaper and we are happy about new contact information in our customer database.

Once the customers are registered in our contact group (New) Customers BOOSTER, we regularly send them promotions, invitations, competitions and much more. On their birthday they automatically receive a 20% voucher for sunglasses.

Little effort, high response rate

With the practical contact groups we can filter the respective target group with just a few mouse clicks. After that comes a nice text, maybe a link and the SMS is ready. Just click on send and within 5-10 minutes our action is on the cell phones of hundreds of customers.

Compared to direct marketing or direct mail, we save a lot of money, but also a lot of time. We don’t have to design printed materials, we don’t have to envelope anything, we don’t have to stand in a queue at the post office and we don’t have to pay postage anymore. We are rewarded for this with an average return rate of 3% – considerably more than we ever achieved with printed advertising.

On average, about 50 % of our customers register directly in the store as (new) customer BOOSTER. That doesn’t sound like much, but since our older customers don’t use smartphones, this figure is quite remarkable. We also expect this to improve significantly in the coming years.

Events, promotions and more

Our birthday vouchers and special offers are extremely well received by our customers. But of course there are also people we cannot reach directly in the store. That’s why we still rely on print advertising – albeit to a very limited extent. In the form of posters, which bring new contacts to our customer database.

One concrete example was our competition for the PL Springfestival 2019, for which we designed a poster that was hung up in strategically favorable locations. A simple instruction, a phone number for SMS reception, three great prizes and a QR code to participate in – as you can imagine, the effort was kept within limits here as well. And the result? It exceeded even our wildest expectations!

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