The SimpleSMS think tank: Tips from the cosmetics industry

Today we start our new guidebook series – especially for those who sometimes run out of ideas for their SMS marketing. And since we know that the best tips come directly from practice, we let our customers have their say. The beginning is made by Erika Preslmayr, owner of the cosmetic institute via vitalis. Let us inspire you!

I run the cosmetic institute via vitalis in Freistadt, where my team and I offer cosmetics, massage, permanent make-up and foot care. Like many other companies, we were at some point confronted with the question: How do we reach our customers?

When we considered SimpleSMS for the first time, we were mainly concerned with appointment reminders. Our customers often have a very hectic everyday life and are happy if they get a nice reminder the day before.

Exploiting the potential of SimpleSMS

In the meantime we have found many more ways how our customers (and also we) can benefit from SimpleSMS.

On special occasions there is a special action in our beauty institute – for example on Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas etc. And of course also when we have new products in our range or offer new treatments.

In the first step we define the target group. For Mother’s Day we send out to a specific age group, as well as when we add a new treatment to the program. For this we ask ourselves: Who profits most from this campaign?

Then we start writing. That’s the moment when our heads start smoking a little – after all, the SMS message should contain all the important information, but it should still be short and crisp. Luckily we got some examples from SimpleSMS that we can work with now.

As soon as the text is ready, it is entered into the system – then all we need to do is select the target group from the customer database with a few mouse clicks, set the time of sending and voila, done!

Very high success rate with SimpleSMS

The first appointment requests usually come in just a few minutes after sending. Overall, our success rate is a proud 10 percent!

For promotions we reserve two days for the appointments. If there are still remaining appointments two weeks after the SMS was sent, we send to a “substitute target group”, but this happens very rarely.

The selection options in the SimpleSMS interface are extremely helpful, by the way. Since we don’t send “nationwide” messages, but always adapt them exactly to the customers for whom the respective offer really fits, we get very good feedback – and of course this also saves our budget.

Another advantage: Even if we send one SMS per month, the recipients don’t feel bothered. Because they only get to see what is really interesting for them.

So it goes on

So far we have only sent text messages. Next we are considering to describe the actions in detail on our homepage so that our messages are even shorter and crisper – but include a link to the respective post.

Since, as we all know, the best comes last, we have put together a few text samples for you here – let yourself be inspired:

“Just for you: For Mother’s Day we give you a relaxing facial massage. Would you like to make an appointment? Just answer this SMS!”

“Summer is just around the corner! Until 15 June we offer a 10% discount on our highly effective sun protection creams. Order immediately by SMS!”

“You have problems with skin impurities? Test our new treatment especially for youthful skin on April 4 + 5. You will be delighted!”

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