The SimpleSMS think tank: Tips from myAcker

SimpleSMS scores not only in traditional industries. How does a completely new, innovative company benefit from the good old SMS? We will tell you in the latest issue of the SimpleSMS-Ideenschmiede!

Is it a game? Is it reality? Both applies to myAcker. Virtual reality with very real results – and vice versa. The team around myAcker has managed to combine these two (at first sight) completely different areas in an ingenious way. And one of the links between the worlds is SimpleSMS.

Since the strategy of the company is completely new, we want to tell a little bit more about it for once. myAcker exists on the Internet. And also in reality. Customers manage a virtual field on the online platform – they plant, water, weed and harvest as soon as the vegetables are ripe. The difference to conventional games: Everything they do online is done in reality – on a real piece of land. And the ripe vegetables are delivered to the front door within 24 hours, fresh from the harvest. But you can visit your own field not only virtually, but also in real life.

SimpleSMS as a link between virtual and real reality

This concept naturally requires reliable communication in real time. Customers need to be informed when plants need water, when weeds spread, when pests appear – and of course when the vegetables are ripe and ready for harvest. The team also has to organize real visits, set up appointments and enter various registration data. And this is where SimpleSMS comes into play.

To avoid the myAcker team having to send and answer SMS around the clock (and to leave enough time for the real growing areas), a series of automated questions and answers have been entered into the SimpleSMS software. The communication is mostly fully automated. For example, if the vegetables urgently need water, the system sends an SMS to all affected online gardeners at the touch of a button: “At the moment the soil is dry, you should water. If it has rained in the meantime, the plot status is green again. – Alessa from

The on-line gardeners are thus actively requested by SMS to log in and trigger the necessary action. And since there is more at stake than virtual horticulture, namely a real harvest, customers are naturally happy to follow this request. For all eventualities, there are the appropriate text modules:

  • Your myAcker account is now successfully linked to your cell phone number!
  • Fruits will soon reach overripe. You should harvest your vegetables. – Daniela from
  • Ripe fruit in the field! Log in to your garden and see what delicious things there are to harvest. – Daniela from
  • Weeds grow in your garden! You should log in to your account and start weeding. – Lisa from
  • Congratulations! You sold a product on the marketplace, the credits were credited to you! – Lisa from
  • The outside temperature has recently been close to freezing point. Protect your plants from the cold. – Patrick from
  • Currently the ground is dry, you should water. If it has rained in the meantime, the plot status will show green again. – Alessa from

Virtual reality meets real experience

Those who want to visit their piece of farmland personally, will also be guided through the registration process by SimpleSMS – of course fully automatically. The system asks how many people want to be on the tour, whether children are included and what date the customers want to visit. The customers simply reply to the SMS and the answers are automatically transferred to the system. This reduces both effort and possible sources of error to a minimum and the team from myAcker can take care of the real vegetables in the meantime.

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