Verify customer phone numbers and save money

SimpleSMS helps you to make sure that your SMS really reach each of your customers. With the phone number verification service, not only will your database always be up-to-date – you will also avoid unnecessary costs that you can use elsewhere.

You know the situation: You write countless SMS, but you don’t receive a reaction. Most likely, the recipient has changed his phone number and your contact goes nowhere. That costs money – that’s why SimpleSMS offers you a service that allows you to check if the phone numbers in your database are still valid.
If your customers have actually changed their number or are no longer reachable for various reasons, you will only find out after several unsuccessful attempts – or never. But that’s over now: You can now check the validity of phone numbers before or during SMS transmission.

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Off to the blacklist

Free your contact database from old or no longer existing numbers – the Simple-SMS phone number check service makes it possible: We check phone numbers directly with the respective network operator, you then delete them from your database. If one or more numbers no longer exist, they are automatically added to your blacklist.

And this is how it works: You will find your blacklist in the menu item “Statistics” under “Blacklist”.

Blacklist, Blacklist, Simple SMS, SMS dispatch, SMS provider

Under the menu item “Shipping” -> “Check phone numbers” -> “The last checks” all results of your checks are listed.

Phone number check, Blacklist, Simple SMS, SMS dispatch, SMS provider

The phone numbers that no longer exist are then stored in your blacklist if you have selected this. If certain phone numbers are reactivated later or still exist anyway, you can add them to your whitelist at any time.

Save costs with SimpleSMS

Your database has a number of useful features at your fingertips, including the ability to check not just individual contact groups, but entire groups of contacts. It is very likely, for example, that not just a single employee from your customer base, but the entire company, or large parts of it, has changed provider. By the time your customer thinks of informing you about this, you may have already sent several SMS to a large group and spent a lot of money for nothing. That doesn’t have to be the case, that’s why SimpleSMS helps you to save money in the right place and use it where it makes sense. After all, your coupons, congratulations, promotions or discounts should reach their destination.

How to check correctly

Before you order the test, the number of phone numbers you have selected and the cost of the test are listed. You can then choose whether you want to be notified by SMS or e-mail when the test is completed and whether the invalid numbers should be added to your blacklist fully automatically. After a successful check you will receive a message telling you how many numbers were checked and how many of them are invalid.

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