Voucher dispatch by SMS or Messenger – the advantages

The cell phone is always with you. Messages via SMS or Messenger reach us as fast as lightning. And who is not happy about a nice voucher? So come on, let’s pack both together!

Mobile couponing is the trend. According to a Valassis study from 2018, 36 percent of customers prefer to receive their coupons via SMS or messenger, such as WhatsApp. Logically, because the voucher is then really there when you need it.

Eight good reasons for sending vouchers via SMS or Messenger

There are many reasons for sending vouchers via SMS or Messenger. We have summarized the eight most interesting ones for you.

First: Addressing customers in a contemporary way

Communication? Messenger! Of course, there are still a few smartphone grouches who don’t know much about chats, messengers or apps. But the future looks different. Young people between 12 and 19 use SMS, WhatsApp & Co. for 95 percent of their communication. And mobile communication is also very popular among older people: 85 percent of 45 to 55-year-olds already communicate daily or several times a week via messenger services.

Direct mail and e-mail are becoming less and less popular. If you want to address your customers in a modern way, there is no way around SMS and Messenger!

Second: Attract more attention

Advertising messages pile up in the e-mail inbox. How do you want to attract attention? The return of e-mail coupons is correspondingly sad: the redemption rate of coupons sent by e-mail is bobbing around in the low single-digit range.

The attention you get on your cell phone far outstrips e-mail. If you send an SMS, the probability that your message will be read is almost one hundred percent.

Third: More sales, less costs

What receives little attention is of course not remembered. Many vouchers are simply forgotten instead of being redeemed. When sending SMS or messenger messages, the chances of redeeming them increase significantly. A Norwegian shopping center was able to increase the redemption rate of its coupons from under 1 to 13.5 percent by switching to SMS dispatch.

Campaigns that target potential customers cost less and deliver more. Do you want to send out 10,000 coupons and hope that perhaps 0.5 percent of the recipients will then buy something – or 3,000 coupons via SMS to selected customers, where far more response can be expected? The decision is not difficult.

Fourth: Quick and easy to start

A coupon campaign via SMS is quickly launched. You can easily brand the mobile website in the online portal and set up the entire campaign with just a few clicks. Then upload the mobile numbers of the recipients – and off you go.

The whole thing is done in less than 30 minutes. This means that even short-term campaigns, such as sales, can be managed efficiently, regardless of print shops or other suppliers.

Fifth: Measure success immediately

SMS campaigns can be evaluated quite simply. The link to be sent is generated individually for each user. This allows an exact evaluation: Who received the message? Who clicked on the link, who redeemed the voucher?

In most cases, this data can be retrieved in real time. This allows you to directly check the success of your campaign. Preparing the data in a separate dashboard makes things even more practical.

Sixth: Stronger customer loyalty

Those who offer their customers added value are rewarded with greater customer loyalty. This has advantages for both sides. Loyal customers benefit from special offers, you maintain your customer base, are recommended to others and learn even more about consumers.

A voucher that is not redeemed does not benefit the customer. It still causes you costs. A well-done campaign that goes to the right recipients and reaches them makes your customers happy.

Seventh: Much less wastage

Direct mailings work according to the watering can principle. The result: whole mountains of vouchers end up practically unseen in the waste paper.

After all, the customers on your SMS recipient list have enough interest in your company to willingly provide you with their address and other data. Your campaign thus goes to prospective and potential customers, who are much easier to turn into real customers.

Eighth: Conserve resources and the environment

Digital instead of paper and plastic means less energy is required for production, less consumption of resources and therefore less impact on the environment overall.

Many end users pay attention to how companies use resources. Environmental awareness brings back a point for you and is therefore also good for customer loyalty.

Let us surprise you

Satisfied and happy customers will gladly come back. Send a nice voucher via SMS or Messenger – and be surprised by the result.


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