WinChim and SimpleSMS – strong partners for successful chimney sweep companies

Behind every successful chimney sweeper company is a sophisticated software that optimizes all processes. WinChim, the largest software provider for chimney sweeps, together with SimpleSMS ensures even more efficiency and satisfied customers.

WinChim has been on the market since 2000 and facilitates the daily work of chimney sweep companies. The software handles the most important back-office tasks and includes scheduling and administration, billing, reporting, employee management, measurement data and much more.

For chimney sweeps in the field there is the WinChim-App, which synchronizes all entered data immediately and automatically with the software in operation. This saves a lot of time and paper and helps the companies to use the working time efficiently.

But WinChimp cannot solve one single problem alone: That the customers are actually at home at the return date. Posting a notice on the notice board is usually no longer sufficient and chimney sweeps are repeatedly standing in front of closed doors. This not only massively disrupts the daily routine, but also the long-term route planning.

The solution: SMS reminders for sweeping appointments

WinChim founder Martin Haidenthaler knows the challenges of his customers very well. As the son of a chimney sweeper family, he knows how many empty kilometers are accumulated when no one is at home at the sweeping dates – and how this fact affects the profitability of a business.

To solve this problem, WinChim has been working with SimpleSMS for some time. The chimney sweeps can now send automatic SMS appointment reminders to their customers in a very simple and uncomplicated way, thus drastically reducing their failure rate.

For Martin Haidenthaler this cooperation is a full profit: “SimpleSMS is cheap, flexible and reliable. And the connection to our software was very easy and completed in a very short time. The SimpleSMS service makes us even more attractive as a software provider for chimney sweeps, as we now really offer an all-round solution for all administrative questions”.

Direct from practice: This is how the combination WinChim and SimpleSMS works

Raphael Mayer is one of the enthusiastic WinChim customers who have been announcing their dates via SMS for a long time. His chimney sweeper company has 4 locations in Upper Austria and uses SimpleSMS with great success.

Since most people are working, Raphael Mayer’s employees were also often standing in front of closed doors. In the past the company used to send letters to solve this problem. After the effort was enormous in every respect (writing letters, printing them out, bringing them to the post office and last but not least the postage), Mr. Mayer soon switched to SimpleSMS.

Now customers receive an SMS with the appointment reminder 2 days before the return date. This has greatly improved the situation – if someone really doesn’t have time, they usually contact us and arrange an alternative appointment. The number of missed appointments has been reduced by 95%.

The effort required has also fallen dramatically. Once a month, Raphael Mayer enters all appointments into the system – and is ready in 10-15 minutes. The SimpleSMS system handles everything else fully automatically.

By the way: Some chimney sweeps also handle their reminders via SMS with great success. Defaulting customers react much faster and more reliably to SMS payment reminders than to reminders by letter.

WinChim and SimpleSMS: Many advantages in one tool

In addition to automatic appointment reminders, SMS are also suitable for another important area of application: namely for internal communication. If a colleague is working on a roof or in a basement, it is difficult for him to answer a call. Either because he has no free hand or cell phone reception is very poor.

In such situations, companies with SimpleSMS have a clear advantage. In addition to sending group messages, they can also use the software to send individual SMS messages to the right recipient with just a few mouse clicks – without having to tediously type on their cell phone.

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